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ACCT 205 Revenue Administration 2

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ACCT 205 Revenue Administration 2

Camosun College


This program focuses on the exploration of the major activities that are performed by the Ministry of Provincial revenue so as to maximize the programs of revenue and tax collection. The topics that are covered under this topic are:

  • Various revenue programs

  • Diversity of authority of provisional revenue program

  • Process of the revenue program

  • Partners involved in the revenue program

  • Methods and procedures of administering

Prerequisites of the program:

The student should have completed ACCT 204 prior applying for this program.

Overview of the course:

The course aims in providing the knowledge about the various provisional tax and revenue program performed by Ministry of Provisional Revenue so as to maximize the tax revenue. It will help in learning about the taxation procedures and policies that are present in Canada and what are the different methods and processes involved in it.

Outline of the course:

  • Methods of taxation

  • Involvement of partners

  • Methods and procedures followed in administering the revenue program

  • Voluntary compliance of revenue program


The focus of the textbook material is to provide an advanced knowledge about the administration of revenue and the current changes in them i.e. how it is taxed, parties involved in it, steps taken by the Ministry of Provincial Revenue for which entire content is divided into lectures, presentations, case studies, online test, mock papers, final examination.

Homework and assignments:

Homework will be given on daily basis so as to understand the concept properly and the assignment will also be given on weekly basis so as to test the knowledge of the candidate. Online test will also be taken. The homework as well as assignment will carry a grade which will be beneficial for final examination.


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